Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Ash Wood Fruit or Bread Bowl

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This beautiful large segmented Wood Fruit Bowl is made from 132 pieces of Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Ash Wood and 8 unique pieces of Cherry Wood complete the bottom. It has two little natural bug markings on the bottom and the natural grain is just beautiful. This large bowl will hold plenty of fruit, rolls, popcorn or can be used for salad. I like to leave them empty so I can see the unique design of each piece of wood. This bowl is made from re-purposed wood from Pennsylvania. Hand signed and dated. Finished with shellac and bees wax. If you are looking for a gift to mail, we offer free domestic shipping! Item #B162.

Height -- 4 1/2 Inches*

Width -- 12 inches*

Weight -- 1 lb. 12 oz.

*All measurements are approximate based on current humidity and conditions