Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Ash Wood Bowl Hand Turned

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Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Ash Wood segmented bowl made out of all reclaimed wood. This bowl is an original design using 84 individual pieces of hand turned wood and sports a maple bottom. It could be used to hold rolls, popcorn, the remote and your glasses. It’s a perfect size and very versatile for a gift. The grain patterns and markings in the wood are all unique and natural. The walnut has a beautiful dark rich color and the cherry... I have no words. Wood is beautiful. No tree is harmed when making our products. An occasional wipe with furniture polish or a food grade mineral oil (if you are using for unwrapped food) will keep the wood supple and it will last a lifetime. Hand signed and dated. Finished with bees wax and shellac. Item #182

Height -- 5 Inches*

Width -- 7 1/2 Inches*

Weight -- 1 lb.*

*All measurments are approximate based on current humidity and conditions.