Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood Fruit Bowl Hand Turned

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Stunning Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood Fruit Bowl. This is a nice sturdy good sized bowl and fit all my lemons with room to spare. It would make a great gift for a wedding or housewarming and can be shipped with a card. It is hand turned from 64 individual segments of wood with a pretty ringed bottom made from Ash. Each piece has its own grain and markings giving it a one of a kind design. This is the perfect size for a centerpiece. Two bags of popcorn, bread, rolls or salad would also fit nicely. Wipe with warm soapy water and hand dry. If needed it can be wiped with a food grade mineral oil to keep the wood supple. Hand signed and dated. Finished with Bees Wax and Mineral Oil. Item #B180.

Height -- 3 Inches*

Width -- 12 Inches*

Weight -- 2 lbs.*

*All measurments are approximate based on current humidity and conditions