Spalted Soft Maple Hand Turned Reclaimed Wood Vase

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This Oak Vase has superb markings and the grain is very unique. It is an original design to be used for dry flowers only please. The vase has a very detailed natural design and with it being a soft Spalted Maple Wood, it is a much desired piece. Great for a gift as no two are alike! The base almost looks like it has owl eyes! All reclaimed wood is used. We do not use any harvested wood. Made from our downed trees in Northwestern Pa. Finished with mineral oil and you can wipe it occasionally with mineral oil or a wood polish to keep it supple. Signed and dated. Item #V155

Height -- 5 Inches*

Width -- 4 1/4 Inches*

Weight -- 10.9 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.