Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood Fruit Bowl**Sold**

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Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood Bowl hand turned from all reclaimed Pennsylvania Trees. This bowl was uniquely crafted from 76 individual pieces, each with its own markings and color. It sits on a Cherry ringed bottom that is just slightly rounded. It a nice size for a few pieces of fruit or place on your table or dresser to hold your keys and glasses. It’s perfect for a gift as it’s a one of a kind, original design. No trees are harmed and we try to recycle as much of the trees as we can. Wipe with a warm cloth to clean and then a bit of food grade mineral oil to keep the wood supple. Hand signed and dated. Finished with mineral oil. Item #B179.

Height -- 3 Inches*

Width -- 10 Inches*

Weight -- 1 lb.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.