Live Edge Spalted Maple **SOLD**

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Live Edge Spalted Maple Wood Bowl with it’s beautiful cracks and markings is truly a work of nature’s art! Looking at the tree it came from to this is nothing short of amazing. It is a good size bowl and can be used for fruit, a candle or leave as is so it’s inner beauty shows thru. The edge is rough and multi colored and really makes this bowl stand out. Great gift for a wedding or housewarming as it will last a lifetime. Occasionally wipe with furniture polish to keep the wood clean. Hand turned, smoothed and finished in lacquer. Hand signed and dated. 

Item #B169

Height -- 5 1/2 Inches*

Width -- 9 Inches*

Lenght   -- 10 1/2 Inches*

Weight -- 1 lb.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.