Live Edge Ash wood Hand Turned Vase Stunning Art

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Stunning Hand Turned Reclaimed Ash Wood Vase is a perfect example of Mother Natures Art! We just helped it start a new life. This vase has a gorgeous live edge that we sprayed with a clear enamel to help keep it strong. This vase has beautiful markings and grain with natural cracks and spots. If you are looking for a new piece for your art collection or a wedding, housewarming or birthday gift keep in mind all of our work is hand turned, original and no two pieces will ever be the same. Finished with a clear enamel. Dried flowers only please.  Item #V149.

Height -- 9 1/2 Inches*
Width -- 5 Inches*
Weight -- 1 lb. 12 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.