Hand turned Segmented Maple, Ash, Cherry and Oak Wood Vase

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Hand turned original design Wood Vase made out of over 85 segmented pieces of Maple, Ash, Cherry and Oak wood. This is a collage of various sizes and shapes of reclaimed recycled wood from our home in Pennsylvania. This would make a treasure of a gift or add to your own collection as it’s definitely a one of a kind piece. We love repurposing old tree logs or branches into beautiful works of art and this is an exceptional piece to pass down to family members for generations to come. This will make a stunning centerpiece with dried flowers or picture it on a mantle, or coffee table. All your friends will be talking about it! No water please. It just needs a wipe with any wood wax or polish. Finished with polyurethane, signed and marked with types of wood on bottom. Item #V700.

Height -- 6 1/4 inches*
Width -- 6 /2 Inches*
Weight -- 1 lb. 3 lbs.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.