Hand Turned Oak Wood Jewelry Box SOLD

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This is a one of a kind original piece of art made from a re-cycled oak tree that was discarded by Mother Nature. We found it in the woods near our home in Northwestern Pa. It’s hard to imagine this gem came from that old rotting oak but with a steady hand and a creative mind, here it is. This box with its cute little lid can be used for jewelry, trinkets or candy. It would make a great gift as it will last forever. Hand turned with a fabulous free hand burned tree design to honor its past life. The design goes from the tip of the lid to the bottom of its base. The natural grain with all its swirls, light and dark colorings and natural spidery imperfections make it beautiful and unique. Hand signed and dated. Finished with lacquer. Item #M124.

Height -- 5 Inches*

Width -- 4 Inches*

Weight -- 9 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.