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This Cherry and Maple Segmented bowl has a unique star shape that wraps just up the side of the bowl. It is made from 80 individual pieces of wood and is full of personality. You can tell by the bug markings and grain these two trees lived a good long life. You can use this bowl for jewelry or trinkets. Maybe K-cups or a bit of candy or nuts. The bottom of this bowl is so striking you might want to display it upside down. The bowl is thin and light weight and the perfect size for your end table, mantel or shelf. We recycle everything from our trees to our shipping containers and this bowl is made of all reclaimed wood. Hand turned, sanded and finished with shellac and bees wax. Hand signed and dated. Item #B178.

Height -- 2 1/4 Inches*

Width -- 6 1/4 Inches*

Weight -- 6 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions