Black Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood Hand Turned Segmented Bowl

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This unique hand turned bowl has been crafted out of 60 individual segments of recycled Black Walnut, Cherry and Ash Wood from our home in Northwestern Pennsylvania. It has a Cherry base that has been ringed for stability. There are a few natural knots and the grain is beautifully individual on each segment. This is an original design and each round segment was hand crafted out of Black Walnut. This bowl would make a great gift for an upcoming wedding, birthday or a housewarming. You will never have to worry about someone giving the same gift! Wash with a warm damp cloth and wipe with furniture polish or a bit of food grade mineral oil to keep the wood supple and it will last a lifetime. Finished with bees wax and shellac. Hand signed and dated. Item #B187. **SOLD**

Height -- 4 1/2 Inches*

Width -- 8 1/4 Inches*

Weight -- 1 lb*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.