Apple Wood Hand Turned Jewelry Box With Lid

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This unique hand turned Apple Wood Jewelry Box has a free hand etching on the lid and base giving it a nice textured look. Each textured mark is specifically placed one by one until the design is complete. There are also two burned rings around the box. It is made from reclaimed wood so rest assured no tree was intentionally downed in its making. This little lidded box is just the right size for a gift and can be shipped with a card. All of our designs are original and one of a kind and with a little wipe with furniture polish or bees wax, will last a lifetime. Hand signed and dated. Finished with bees wax and shellac. Item #M130.

Height -- 5 Inches with lid*

Width -- 2+1/2 Inches*

Weight -- 4 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.