Solid Cherry Wood Fruit Bowl with Burned Edge

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Solid Cherry Wood Fruit or Bread bowl with a burned edge was hand turned from a downed cherry tree at our home in Pennsylvania. The burned edge really make this piece look great. It’s been hand sanded and finished with shellac and is food safe. Make your wedding, Christmas, or birthday shopping easy by giving the gift of a homemade piece of art and be assured that no one else will be giving the same gift.  No dishwasher please but you can wipe with warm soapy water and dry then occasionally wipe with a food grade mineral oil or wood wax and this bowl can be passed down to future generations. Item # 5.

Height -- 2 Inches*
Width -- 10 3/4 Inches*
Weight -- 1 lb. 12 oz.*

*All measurements are based on current humidity and conditions.